The Global Conference for Diaspora Networks in Science

On September 21-23, the Global Conference for Diaspora Networks in Science will take place in an online format. This Global Conference for Diaspora Networks in Science is a continuation of the recent Global Diaspora Summit which outlined the future agenda of action for global diaspora engagement through the Dublin Declaration.

As part of the event, on 22 September, at 14:00, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia is organizing a session - Georgian Diaspora and Science across borders.

The session will bring together stakeholders to discuss the role of Georgia’s scientific diaspora for the development and internationalization of Georgia’s scientific research. It will emphasize the potential of overseas compatriots to accelerate innovation through their academic network, intellectual power and engagement in international research infrastructures;

Discussion panel participants will refer to public policies and practices of interaction with Georgia’s scientific diaspora representatives – They will highlight opportunities and cooperation schemes currently applied by different state institutions/agencies or Higher Educational Institutions in Georgia.

The session will address the following topics:

  • Diplomacy for science: Georgia’s association to the EU research and Innovation program Horizon Europe – potential for engaging Georgia’s scientific diaspora representatives and joining competitive consortiums/ research teams with their facilitation and assistance;
  • Scientific research funding opportunities in Georgia and globally – collaborative teams and science across borders!
  • Science for diplomacy - a soft power to advance diplomatic objectives of Georgia, use of international cooperation in STI as a tool for expanding bilateral and multilateral collaboration schemes with leading partner states and institutions.

For registration, please visit the webpage: