IOM Provides Body Cameras to the Agency of IDPs, Eco-migrants and Livelihood Provision

Chief of the Georgian Mission to the IOM, Sanja Celebic Lukovac, and representatives of the Agency of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Eco-migrants and Livelihoods Provision. Photo : IOM

Tbilisi – International Organization for Migration (IOM), UN Migration Agency, Mission to Georgia, has donated body cameras to the Agency of IDPs, Eco-migrants and Livelihoods Provision.

Reintegration of the returned migrants and integration of foreign migrant residing in Georgia are the areas of common concern and close cooperation between IOM Georgia and the Agency of IDPs, Eco-migrants and Livelihood Provision. The donated items will enhance the service delivery capacity of the Agency and particularly will contribute to the effective implementation and monitoring of the state reintegration and integration assistance programmes.

The donation was made in the framework of the project, „Facilitating an Integrated Operational Framework for Migrant Reintegration, Integration and Labour Migration “, funded by IOM Development Fund (IDF).

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