Equipping Communities to Build a Better Tomorrow

Vakhtang Lomjaria, Head Municipal Department of Economic Development, Tbilisi City Hall, Sanja Celebic-Lukovac, Chief of Mission of IOM Georgia and Head of Samgori District, Kakha Samkharadze at the official opening of the Social Enterprise „Multifunctional Service Centre“ located in Samgori district, Tbilisi. 

Last year almost 3,000 migrants returned to Georgia with IOM support - the highest number ever. The true number of the returnees who are getting back through various channels is far more and most of them arrive with no savings, and no jobs, to communities that are already disadvantaged and offer them few prospects.

In a bid to assist these returning migrants and their communities, IOM is teaming up with local authorities to implement different types of community-based projects, including creating multifunctional service center, which provides tools and equipment for community use.     

“We are really very proud to open this multifunctional service centre”, said Sanja Celebic-Lukovac, Chief of Mission of IOM Georgia at the official opening of the first of these centres in Samgori, on the edge of Tbilisi this week. 

“High numbers of people have left this neighbourhood but there are many who are returning, and we want to help them to reintegrate once they are back.”

The facility in Samgori is stocked with tools - available to rent for a nominal fee - to repair and maintain electrical systems, plumbing, sewage, household appliances and common areas. A side benefit is that it provides activities and some skills development for youth and returning migrants.

This pilot initiative is funded by the IOM Development Fund, and it is hoped that it will become a model which will be replicated in other communities in the future.

“This is an extremely good and practical social initiative that considers employing the returning migrants, helping their adaptation process while getting back to the country and sharing their experience gained during their stay in Europe”, said Head of Samgori District Authority, Kakha Samkharadze.  

“Besides this the centre enables everyone in the community to rent equipment in a very competitive price, providing a perfect opportunity to save money to meet household needs,” he added.

The community initiative was jointly implemented in cooperation with a project funded by the International Organization for Migration Development Fund (IDF) – “Sustainable Reintegration and Community Revitalization Pilot Initiative in Communities of Return” and Samgori District Authority. 

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