European Anti-Trafficking Day 2023 in Georgia

On October 16, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) together with a representative of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia travelled to Telavi in the eastern parts of Georgia to highlight the European Anti-Trafficking Day 2023.

Up to 45 pupils and 20 students attended two informational meetings held at Telavi public school #4 and Telavi State University, aiming to raise awareness on the issue of trafficking in human beings (THB).

During the event, the Ministry of Justice representative introduced the definition of crime of THB, the policy and legal framework in place to combat this crime, the mandates of relevant state authorities, existing referral and protection mechanisms, and also services that are available for victims of human trafficking. While IOM Georgia office staff members touched upon the manifestations of human trafficking relevant in the Georgian context. Special attention was devoted to child trafficking, IOM’s awareness-raising activities, capacity building of frontline state institutions to better identify, investigate, prosecute and protect victims of trafficking. In addition, IOM discussed with the participants issues related to visa free travel to Europe and the Schengen Area, including, inter alia, the importance of safe migration, opportunities to study and find employment in the EU.  

The participants posed concrete questions about migration from Georgia, in particular about available opportunities to study in Europe and advice about career enhancement opportunities that Europe can offer to young people from Georgia.

As part of its EU-funded projects, IOM in Georgia operates the Safe Migration information campaign, part of which consists of outreach to potential migrants to inform of the realities of migration and risks associated with irregular migration (such as trafficking in human beings). It was the second time that IOM and the Ministry of Justice travelled to Telavi to highlight the European Trafficking Day, which was well appreciated by the youngsters who took active part in the meetings.

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