IOM Conducts Training About Effective Communication with Exploited Children

Tbilisi – Under a project funded by the US Department of State, IOM in close coordination with the Ministry of Justice of Georgia conducted training on 29-30 November 2021 about effective practices of communication with children living and working in the street who are exploited.

An experienced Georgian expert in the field of child assistance guided the audience, consisting of police investigators, prosecutors, victim and witness assistance coordinators as well as social workers from the Agency of State Care.

Time was dedicated to discussions about the responsibilities and roles of all state entities that are involved in investigating cases of trafficking in children and in providing assistance to child victims of various manifestations of exploitation. Equally, the participants exchanged their views on the challenges of dealing with children living and working in the street and their families and relatives, who exploit these children in begging on the street, petty crime, forced prostitution and other forms of trafficking.

Under the same project, IOM will continue supporting the Government of Georgia in combating trafficking in persons by organizing training courses and workshops, engaging all responsible actors in a multi-disciplinary setting and thus enhancing coordinated action.

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities