IOM Launches Training for Trainers on Intercultural Communication for Different Departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIA)

On June 23 IOM launched a training for trainers on intercultural communication for different departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIA). The training was attended by 17 employees of the migration, human rights and other departments of MIA as well as Police Academy and Institute of Community Officers.

Training was facilitated by international and local experts - Calin Rus and Giorgi Chkheidze. The training was preceded by online meeting that was held on June 21. Training topics were discussed during online meeting by the participants.

During a 2-day training participants received comprehensive information on migration trends, cultural differences, intercultural communication and competence, cultural profiles of migrants living in Georgia, managing intercultural conflicts and conflicts caused by unbalanced distribution of power and related migration topics. The MIA staff will share information received to their colleagues that will help them to facilitate productive communication with migrants in Georgia. Training course will end in July, when final trainings will be conducted.

The training was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, under IOM’s EMERGE project.