Henil is a 20-year-old student from India, living in Kutaisi since 2019. He decided to move to Georgia and chose Akaki Tsereteli State University based on the recommendations from other students from India.  

“It’s impossible to be comfortable in Kutaisi without speaking basic Georgian.” - says Henil, who finds Kutaisi a peaceful, affordable city with very friendly and caring people, who are welcoming towards foreigners. Henil and his friends put lot of effort in his medical studies and spend Sundays together. They enjoy cooking, watching movies and dining together.  

Henil tried for a while to find a part-time job, as he does not want to depend on his parents for financial support but says there are only very few opportunities in the city, especially for foreigners. In addition to his medical studies at the Akaki Tsereteli State University, Henil is learning Georgian. He hopes to connect better with locals once he can speak the language. Language barrier made it especially difficult for Henil to adapt to Kutaisi when he first arrived and found that not many people spoke English in his new city.  

Overall, Henil feels comfortable in Kutaisi, but has ideas about what could make the city more attractive to foreigners and make life more interesting, such as opening more entertainment facilities, bars and restaurants as Henil is a vegetarian and says, there are not many options in Kutaisi. “More dynamic and diverse spots for entertainment and recreation would attract young people and English speakers”, Henil concludes.   

Photos by Eric Gourlan

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