Surbhi Gupta has always been interested in exploring different cultures and was extremely excited by an opportunity to move to Batumi. Surbhi learned about Georgia from her friends and decided to enroll for medical studies in Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University in 2016. Surbhi arrived alone and started learning Georgian language immediately so she could become part of the local community more easily. Surbhi learnt basics of Georgian in a few months and made many local and foreign friends in Batumi.

Surbhi’s parents always wanted their daughter to become a surgeon, but Surbhi dreams of becoming a family doctor as she believes that competent family doctors can not only save lives but also prevent complications in patients and help them avoid invasive medical procedures, such as surgeries.

Georgia exceeded Surbhi’s expectations in many ways – friendly and helpful people, affordable prices, peaceful life, beautiful nature, and delicious dishes are making her think twice before leaving Georgia after she finishes her medical studies. Upon completion of her studies, Surbhi plans to return to India, spend one year there to pass medical license exam and then she wants to come back to Georgia to deepen her knowledge and gain professional experience.

Surbhi tries to spend her time wisely and besides her medical studies she works as a Local Committee President of Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (AIESEC – non-profit global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential) in Georgia, helping Indian students with travel insurance and providing information and updates through Facebook group for foreign students residing in Batumi. Surbhi says, she experienced lack of information in Georgia when COVID pandemic started as news were all in Georgian and IOM’s “Migrants in Georgia” Facebook group helped her and other foreign nationals a lot in this regard.

Surbhi feels comfortable in Georgia, but she cannot say the same about other foreign students, many of whom have experienced racial discrimination. Surbhi believes that Batumi and Georgia in general, has a huge potential and wishes Georgians were more ambitious: “Georgia offered me many opportunities – this country made me understand who I am. But I believe Batumi needs young skilled people who are motivated to use their skills and experiences to build great future and better life”.

Photo by Eric Gourlan

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