Raphiel, who returned from Switzerland is now a successful apiarist, with 16 hives on the go. But there was a very tough period in his life, when he had no choice but to leave his family and friends behind, sell his honey production business and travel to Switzerland to seek treatment for his severe medical condition.

Raphiel spent 8 months in Switzerland together with his wife and his child, which gave him the strength to undergo the treatment and beat the diseases. Living in a foreign country was a bit of a struggle for him. He missed his relatives and his friends and he missed his home country. After he finished the treatment, Raphiel and his returned back to Georgia; through IOM's Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme (AVRR) he was able to re-start his business.

Demand for natural honey is very high, so Raphiel hopes to expand his business: “I have good knowledge and experience in beekeeping. After return from Switzerland, I was able continue my family business in Tskaltubo. As part of the reintegration support I purchased 16 bee hives and now we produce and sell linden and chestnut honey." This year IOM Georgia presented Raphiel's product during the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Festival in Racha: "it was very exciting, especially since our product received many compliments from locals, who are themselves experts in honey production, and from international guests,” said Raphiel.