“I left Georgia when I was 16. First I went to Bulgaria, where I studied at the National Academy of Arts for about 10 years. I guess leaving your country at this early age is easier.

After Bulgaria I returned to Georgia with my wife and child, a Ph.D degree in Conservation and Restoration and the will to start my career. Supported by the government, I initiated and created the first Conservation Laboratory in Batumi, Georgia. My wife - who is also a restoration specialist - and I worked hard to set up the laboratory and have done a lot of great restoration works together so far.

After such achievements and success, I was eager to explore new things, so I decided to move. Some people criticized my decision to go to Italy. Only few supported me.

When I saw Verona in Italy for the first time, I knew I made the right choice. The city is marvelous, breathtaking! Every day here is a celebration; I feel inspired by every building I see.

With my experience, degree, enthusiasm and motivation I am open to new opportunities. Currently I am studying Italian and in my free time I paint icons. I am proud of the choices I made and I want to encourage everyone to follow their dreams."