Through a comprehensive cooperation with the Government of Georgia, IOM supports the establishment of effective migration governance and promotes modern migration solutions. In the key cooperation area of immigration and border management, IOM has supported the development of systems, procedures, and tools introduced at all of Georgia’s border checkpoints and provided capacity-building support to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and relevant agencies and partners.

IOM promotes labour migration management and inter-State cooperation, fostering opportunities for legal circular migration and employment of Georgian nationals in foreign labour markets. IOM promotes the economic and social development benefits of migration in the country by raising awareness and enhancing capacities at central, regional, and local levels to mainstream migration into development plans and programmes to maximize its potential for local development. IOM promotes mobilization and engagement of diaspora and migrant communities in the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including investment and support for the development of modern digital solutions for liaison and interaction between diaspora and local businesses and communities.